Product Summary

The TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA is a Programmable Controller. The TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA offers two isolated channels in an eight lead plastic DIP package, while the TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA provides four isolated channels in a sixteen plastic DIP package.


TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA absolute maximum ratings: (1)Forward current IF: 50mA ; (2)Forward current derating: -0.5 (Ta≧25℃) mA/℃; (3)Pulse forward current IFP 1: (100μ pulse, 100pps) A ; (4)Reverse voltage VR: 5 V ; (5)Junction temperature Tj: 125℃; (6)Collector emitter voltage VCEO: 55 V ; (7)Emitter collector valtage VECO: 7 V ; (8)Collector current I: 50mA ; (9)Collector power dissipation (1 circuit) PC: 100mW; (10)Storage temperature range Tstg: -55 to 125℃; (11)Operating temperature range Topr: -55 to 100℃; (12)Lead soldering temperature Tsol: 260℃ (10 s).


TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA features: (1) Collector-emitter voltage: 55 V (min) ; (2)Current transfer ratio: 50% (min) Rank GB: 100% (min) ; (3)Isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms (min) ; (4)UL recognized made in Japan: UL1577, file No. E67349, made in Thailand: UL1577, file No. E152349.


TLP521-4 (F) TOSHIBA block diagram